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By Hans Ebert There’s an awful lot written about “25″, the new record by Adele that’s been four years in the making. Most of everything written reads like one very long press release cranked out by a relentless marketing machine intent on ensuring that this record results in massive sales, numerous Grammys, and a Sainthood [...]

And one wonders why the ‘live’ music scene in Hong Kong is no longer on life support, but dead, dead, dead with not even that one-time supporter of bringing quality Adult Contemporary/Jazz/Jizz to her Sevva establishment- Bonnie Gokson- probably singing that Peggy Lee classic, “Is That All There Is?” Is all there is in Hong [...]

If I were the Producers of “American Idol,” if I were the RIAA, if I were a music company, music academy, another dulling, thudding, numbing, dumbing down “music conference”- ANYTHING to demonstrate what MUSIC is all about, I would simply take last night’s appearance and performance by Casey Abrams and his double bass of “Nature [...]

The fallout following the “surprise elimination” of contestant Pia Toscano seems to go unabated with “American Idol” bloggers having a field day. But, honestly, the young lady will be fine and, from what I know to be true, she has already been offered “two-and-a-half” recording deals. In fact, she’s already out there and making a [...]

The news that Simon Cowell has had his people trawl through YouTube and sign up a 10-year-old Canadian named Heather Russell caused mild heart palpitations. It was either that or the Chilli Chicken and naan bread I had had for dinner. Kiddie porn as music does not sit well with me. It makes me sick. [...]

  If I were Simon Cowell, I’d be going to see a good fung shui man, having my head shaved bald to “shed” the bad luck and finding out from him where to move my furniture around so good luck starts to come my way. Almost overnight, there has been a sustained backlash on “X [...]