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Firstly, I shouldn’t, but I find the news of Wyclef Jean being shot in the hand in Haiti to be pretty funny. Let’s not forget that he assembled the troops in Hollywood to re-work “We Are The World” to “help” the earthquake victims in his home country and, a few months later, ran for the [...]

People make a country and people make an industry and which is why so many industries are on shaky ground: Wrong people. The music industry- the entire entertainment industry- attracts the movers and the shakers who have been, for the most part, weaned on shuck and jive. When these people get out of their natural [...]

It’s almost as if they wish to keep this region under wraps and something for only them to milk and suck dry. A few days ago, the ubiquitous Wyclef Jean, now having given up his efforts to run for the Presidency of Haiti and with, apparently, all that screaming he did about helping the earthquake [...]