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By Hans Ebert It’s reached a point where it’s not even a case of Them versus Us. It’s finally come around to how to get around legalese that were questionable from the start, but which many were too timid to question, especially at those tribal gatherings of wannabe big swinging dicks who would waltz in [...]

By Hans Ebert Just like the day one heard that John Lennon had been murdered, the news that Prince has left us fills me with huge sadness mixed with anger, confusion, a feeling of mortality, and to not tolerate pettiness from idiots and to kick all those who have offended me in the nuts- all [...]

No one said life would be easy, but they also never warned that it would also be so damn difficult, especially when making music, writing a song for the pure joy of it, and then, having that initial ego boost of people wanting actually wanting to pay money for the song via sync deals etc [...]

A couple of us were listening to a young Hong Kong jazz quartet named maRK made up of some extremely talented young musicians including a Smurf like drummer named Anna Fan. (Source: maRK quartet- Facebook) We had never heard of Anna but many who play the local jazz circuit happen to know her and she [...]

By Hans Ebert The news that each member of Metallica will be bringing out a range of shoes under the Vans brand stopped me in my tracks: Not cos I’m a Metallica fan but just because it made me realize how music is being pushed into the background and how various tails are wagging the [...]

It take a lot for me to “get tired of music”, something in my DNA. But either, I have “grown tired of music” or, more to the point, grown even more tired of those talking about music as a “deal”. For the past few days, I have just not bothered to write. Call it lethargy [...]

“We believe this transaction is an exceptional value-maximizing opportunity that serves the best interests of stockholders as well as the best interests of music fans, our recording artists and songwriters, and the wonderful people of this company. Most importantly, Access supports Warner Music’s commitment to our recording artists and songwriters who are the foundation of [...]

  I take it that you are aware of the burning expectation in London, more particularly in New York, that it will be EMI top bidding for Warner Music after concluding a prior side agreement simultaneously selling Warner Publishing to BMG-KKR in order to avoid U.S. and EEC anti-trust objections. I gather that it is widely believed that Roger Faxon, [...]

The news that “Junior” has hired Goldman Sach’s to either sell off Warner Music or else purchase EMI Music shows how shaky and confusing things are out there and begs the question whether anyone knows whether they are coming or going in the music business. “Junior” is, of course, Edgar Bronfman Jr who, before [...]