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By Hans Ebert The news that each member of Metallica will be bringing out a range of shoes under the Vans brand stopped me in my tracks: Not cos I’m a Metallica fan but just because it made me realize how music is being pushed into the background and how various tails are wagging the [...]

The news that “Junior” has hired Goldman Sach’s to either sell off Warner Music or else purchase EMI Music shows how shaky and confusing things are out there and begs the question whether anyone knows whether they are coming or going in the music business. “Junior” is, of course, Edgar Bronfman Jr who, before [...]

Just perhaps there is enough, or even, more than enough, music to go around and so, making new music is pointless? If  “all the good music has been written and produced”, why bother produce anything that’s not as good? Then again, if there is no new music, who’s to know if the best has already [...]