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By Hans Ebert A group of us were talking about why Hong Kong can’t produce anything even remotely creative to this track and accompanying video by Mainland China artist Jane Zhang, below with producer Timbaland. Zhang first appeared onto the Greater China mainstream consciousness as Zhang Liangying after placing third in 2005 on a programme [...]

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Dude, l’il bro, dudette, and as my long-distance homie, I must implore and implode you to get some help- ‘cos all this trash talk about you is affecting ME. Bieb- can I call you the Biebster?- I got into a fracas on New Year’s Eve, bro ‘cos someone called you The Boob. I said, listen [...]

The news that ABC is producing a television special about the life of Justin Bieber before he became famous had me pulling up the retch bin. What will they show? The life story of his Mum, who, by the way has a book to promote,and how she uploaded his videos onto YouTube followed by all [...]


Posted: 14th March 2011 by We-Enhance in Music, Music Industry
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It’s all getting a little weird when Singaporeans are named the second “coolest nationalities in the world”. Of course, though all the facts and figures come from CNN and a writer, no doubt, taken with those notorious Sarong Party Girls aka SPGs, it proves- once again- that you cannot believe everything you read and [...]

“You’ve never been to M1NT in Shanghai, have you?” I asked a mate in Hong Kong toiday and known for living la vida loca and “hangin’ with the lay-daaays”. “No, but I saw it when it was a construction site” was his reply. Not quite the same, I said and, though opening clubs in Asia [...]

Remember Herbie Hancock receiving a Grammy for Record Of The Year. That was also a WTF Moment as Amy Winehouse was supposed to be a dead cert to win.  But as it was Herbie Hancock, Legend, and a “jazz” album and which was his interpretations of Joni Mitchell songs- another legend- many accepted it. How [...]

For a minute there, I thought Lady Soul had been taken away from us and the producers had hurriedly gathered together a disparate and desperate group of “sistahs” to pay homage t her. They all looked bloody nervous or sad or terrified as the Tribute to Aretha Franklin trudged along. Why Annie Lennox was not [...]

Some acts should be seen and not heard. And watching the Super Bowl 2011 Half Time Show today, it’s exactly what I thought about Black Eyed Peas. Sure, their records are well-produced, catchy and hugely successful and they are the Aqua of this Generation with their beats, costumes, humps and recording studio trickery. But there [...]

The news that Jay-Z sees him having a shot at the American Presidency, possibly eight years from now, and with wife Beyonce as First Lady, shows how and why the Rapper-Entrepreneur-Entertainment mogul is The Most Powerful Man in The American Music Industry. And, by far. Quite frankly with the amazing record he made with the [...]