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By Hans Ebert We’ll keep banging the drum loudly about what passes off as the Hong Kong “music scene”, because it desperately needs a new international lifeline, it needs new and young talent- local and from overseas- and it needs to stop being a dumping ground for mediocrity- largely, ageing middle of the road warblers [...]


Posted: 23rd November 2012 by We-Enhance in Asia, China Entertainment Industry, Hong Kng, Hong Kong, TVB
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It’s the latest cause de jour right now and it’s easy enough to say and, of course, many want Hong Kong to desperately have new television channels as the two terrestrial channels in town- HKTVB and ATV- screen the same turgid serving of Eighties-style variety shows whereas the bulk of those entertainment channels on the [...]

Thankfully, there is more to Hong Kong and music than overpaid and “underwhelmingly” mediocre Canto-Pop pap smears who always have the dosh to purchase expensive apartments for their mothers and the those now-tedious DJs blasting away the same monotonous music in equally overpaid and “underwhelmingly” mediocre shee-shee clubs filled with equally underwhelming 5-star poseurs. It’s [...]