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Season 10 of “American Idol” will go down as the year when no one missed Simon Cowell on the show. There is a clever promo spot running in the region and which talks about the new judges and ends with the line, “Who misses Simon Says?” and which ends with three X-Factor crosses symbolising that [...]

I was half-joking when I first mentioned it, but I really believe there will be no outright winner of “American Idol” and that the show should end right now with Jacob Lusk named “Gospel Idol”, Casey Abrams named “Jazz Idol”, Scottie name “Country Idol”, the hugely made-over Lauren Alaina named “Teen Idol”, James Durbin named [...]

Is “American Idol” about to be the game-changer of television talent shows and produce a real shocker at the end of this season which will rain on the parade of Simon Cowell’s “X Factor”and make all the current hype about “the new judge” and sound-bites from only confirmed judge- “L.A” Reid, kinda the poor man’s [...]

“I wouldn’t do anything that sounds like the original”. Thus Spake Sir Simon Cowell on Twitter as what not to sing on his “X Factor.” Yes, the “X Factor” juggernaut has begun the Great Hype forward and there is now a glut of news on the show and which has really started to rock and [...]

One has to wonder if “American Idol” is a competition between the contestants or if it has suddenly become a contestant between music executives Jimmy Iovine and Antonio “LA” Reid, both, at least for the moment with Universal Music. As we all know by now, Mr. Jimmy is resident mentor/producer of “Idol” whereas the news [...]

Of course, the really big news in music today is that Justin Bieber has cut his hair to “look more mature”. This- and who can blame them- has caused the Biebs, or whatever his fans are called- to cry, throw tantrums and scream, “Why, Biebs, why?” Meanwhile, as if to prove that oxymorons are [...]

Simon Cowell is back, he’s mad as hell- as in bonkers, he’s thrown down the gauntlet [and his purse] in a hissy fit , he’s lowered the age group of his “X Factor” contestants in the US to 12- WTF? and is offering the winner, a US$5m recording contract with either his SyCo imprint or [...]

THE WE-ENHANCE BLOG ROLL [TISSUE 7] There has been a huge publicity campaign around the great financial success of Simon Cowell and the Financial Times upping the ante of his worth in its latest issue. Things might be getting too close to the truth so the Max Clifford Damage Control Squad are at work, or, [...]

WHERE’S THE BEEF? WHERE’S THE CONTENT? Image registered under Creative Commons by-SA license by Mario Pena If, as they say, “content is king”, there are an awful lotta television channels that need some jokers and queens, let alone a few aces in the hole. Right now, in this region, there are new channels opening [...]

Just perhaps there is enough, or even, more than enough, music to go around and so, making new music is pointless? If  “all the good music has been written and produced”, why bother produce anything that’s not as good? Then again, if there is no new music, who’s to know if the best has already [...]