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By Hans Ebert It might be All About The Bass, but it’s definitely all about the hype. Funny word- hype. Once upon a Blind Faith, or that thing called a “supergroup”, or even “Dylan goes electric” was supposedly hype, and frowned upon on. But today, hype has become shtick and is celebrated and used to [...]

It was going from one headache to an even bigger headache. Having come down with a dodgy tummy that had me disoriented and barely able to stand up for five minutes without aliens attacking me, forcing me lie to lie down and allowing the Body Snatchers to invade my being, most of Saturday was spent [...]

What a hue and cry there was by the media including righteous radio stations in America that followed John Lennon’s throwaway line that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus and the apology he was forced to make as the boys still had a long way to go with their music. Compare that episode with [...]