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If it wasn’t just so sad, it would be funny, but as this is written, Chris Brown has been released after being held hostage in the Philippines for three days for “unpaid bills”, there’s some kinda bad blood between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry over a song called, well, “Bad Blood”, there is absolutely way [...]

A group of us were discussing and dissecting and coming to grips with the saddest song we’ve heard. It was tough getting to the heart of the matter as what was sad then isn’t sad now. One either stays in a relationship or moves on with memories of what was then, and what is now, [...]

After watching one of those wretched hotel lounge singers who sounded as if they belong on The Love Boat absolutely murder “California Dreaming” by turning it into some faux jazz scoobee doobee doobeing corn on the knob, I had to go back and listen to the original version by the Mamas And Papas. Forgetting what [...]

(Source: Mojo 4 Music) A very good friend of mine is hanging in there and music has been his great healer- the real medicine he needs to carry on. The Beatles and Dylan and Paul and John play in his head and “In My Life” has a new-found relevance. Half-way around the world I sit [...]