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By Hans Ebert Once in a while you hear someone new and you just have to hear more from where that came. And in this world of clutter and clatter, these diamonds, often drowned in the rough terrains of social media are few and far between…especially when they are from Taiwan. Then again, Taiwan has [...]

(Source: Growth Max) Oh, yes, it does matter ‘cos music not only soothes the savage beast, music is a great healer and leveler and the soundscape to your life. Without wishing to sound morbid, haven’t you ever thought of what song would be played at your funeral? My ex and I had picked our wedding [...]

Music labels making millions from YouTube, says Google Universal Music will be confident about the success of Jessie J’s debut album Who You Are which is released today, as she is one of the most viewed artists on YouTube this year with almost 40 million hits on just two of her music videos. Yet YouTube [...]