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(Source: Southamton) As we all agree, there is so much more music around today- in fact, so much music that much of it gets lost in the clutter. (Source: Amazon AWS) The key as always is how to first get this music heard and once this is accomplished, then what? Oh, please, not “social media” [...]

By Hans Ebert The news that each member of Metallica will be bringing out a range of shoes under the Vans brand stopped me in my tracks: Not cos I’m a Metallica fan but just because it made me realize how music is being pushed into the background and how various tails are wagging the [...]

By Hans Ebert Chairman and CEO Fast Track Global and WE-Enhance Inc (Source: Ryan Seacrest) Okay, first the good news about the new season of American Idol: Nicki Minaj is very good television in her role as a judge. She is wacky, she is out there and she’s unpredictable. She also does a great British [...]

Simon Cowell is back, he’s mad as hell- as in bonkers, he’s thrown down the gauntlet [and his purse] in a hissy fit , he’s lowered the age group of his “X Factor” contestants in the US to 12- WTF? and is offering the winner, a US$5m recording contract with either his SyCo imprint or [...]

Maybe it’s the surname, but despite all the fawning for moppets on “Oprah” and “Ellen” and the kinda creepy shadow of Producer David Foster hanging over many them, Nikki Yanofsky from Montreal is still to become a household name. Then again, is that the right term- “houseman name”? So is Drain-O and Colgate and McDonald’s. [...]

Simon Cowell is a very rich and powerful man. Wait: Rich, yes, “powerful”, hmmmm, depends on how this word is interpreted and defined- and where. Yes, he is “Judge Nasty” and, yes, he can take mediocre talent and give it some invaluable platforms to strut their stuff like those horrible four greasy spoons named Il [...]