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55 MILLION votes on Thursday/Friday and in this crippled economy, in this bereft music industry, those are some very handsome figures. If Music Matters wants to do something truly RELEVANT and get past trying to figure out “digital sales” and have the same tired old faces parroting the same tired old mantras, invite/coerce/beg  Simon Fuller [...]

Quite a few people have asked, “Mate/Man/Dude/Hey, why do you write so much about ‘American Idol?’ Does anyone really care?’” I don’t just think so, I know so ‘cos the “views” go waaaaay up plus, love it or not, there is no way one an ignore the show. When the history books are written or [...]

Why are so many of them SCREAMING? Watching the remaining contestants- or Top 11- do the usual Glee-ful opening song-and-dance number- this time, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”- I didn’t understand why all the carefully mapped out a”dlibs” made up of a high SCREAM, were given to Jacob Lusk and James Durbin. Well, I know [...]

One has to wonder if “American Idol” is a competition between the contestants or if it has suddenly become a contestant between music executives Jimmy Iovine and Antonio “LA” Reid, both, at least for the moment with Universal Music. As we all know by now, Mr. Jimmy is resident mentor/producer of “Idol” whereas the news [...]

What I was wondering most was what was going through Jennifer Lopez’ head while watching P Diddy up there during his segment on “American Idol”. In case, Sheen-O-Rama and Lohanitis have made many forget, then-J-Lo who was out to prove that she was “Jenny from the Block” and Diddy Daddy wereascloseasthis until she abruptly distanced [...]

The ratings for “American Idol” on Thursday was THE HIGHEST in FOUR YEARS for the FOX channel and makes all those naysayers who did the voodoo dance, proclaimed that “The End Is Night” and said the show was kaput without “Mr Nasty”. It made me think of the line from Mark Twain: “Rumours of my [...]

Is it just me or is there a whole heap of SCREAMING happening on “American Idol” so far this season and with nearly every contestant almost REQUIRED to do “Georgia On My Mind”? I don’t know, but it has all been very nice and polite up till now and I look forward to Jimmy Iovine [...]

  It’s all a bit like the Prozac Nation on “American Idol” and with everyone “crazy good” and singers hitting bum notes still being “crzy good” and everyone just having one huge love-in. Nothing wrong with any of that, of course, and, often, La La Land is a nice, safe place to be and with [...]

If “doing” karaoke has taught me anything, it is that no matter how good you might think you sound or how good and drunk you might be, NEVER attempt to outdo Don Henley and sing “Desperado” and NEVER EVER try to sing ANYTHING by the Beatles. It is painful to those around you and when [...]

First things first: Not that there is anything wrong with it, but this is not “an American Idol blogger’s site”. Instead, it is an entertainment business and music-based site where I am and have always been intrigued, interested and excited at Simon Fuller’s success with a “television pop talent show” I first heard about from [...]