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By Hans Ebert @hanseberthk It now happens with such monotonous regularity that it has become meaningless. It’s a subject that also raises more questions than answers. It brings back some bad memories and becomes irksome because we should not be where we are today- a tired creative community waiting and praying for some fairy godmother [...]

By Hans Ebert It’s getting harder and harder to understand the prolonged “winter of discontent” that some are going through about the present and future of Hong Kong. It’s almost as if they have way too much time on their hands with in-fighting to embrace misguided cause célèbres. Remember how Occupy Central suddenly morphed into [...]

And so it has come to pass that Music Matters has now given up on Hong Kong as a location and moved its annual conference attended mainly by the music industry in Asia to Singapore. Why? It’s nothing personal, it’s just business. Perhaps those behind Music Matters  got tired of bowing and scraping and trying [...]