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By Hans Ebert I once had a girl or should I say, she once had me. Wait: I once lived with a woman not that long ago who was on Repeat that “no one listens to lyrics anymore”. There have been songwriting partners over the recent years who’ve said the same thing, then change lyrics [...]

It’s like being that hamster on a treadmill where you keep going and going and going, but feel you’re going nowhere, which is like giving and giving and giving and getting nothing in return. Put these all together and you’re reminded of Lennon cutting through the Yeah Yeahs and with that voice of resignation singing, [...]

My muso friend Blaine and I were talking about the Beatles as is always the case when we listen to most of the music being played today and wince. He had heard “Nowhere Man” played in the taxi coming over to meet up and this started a conversation about how that track was over fifty [...]