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“American Idol” got serious last night. The judges argues amongst themselves- well “The Dawg” and Jennifer Lopez did as Steven Tyler stayed in his own very special zone. Randy Jackson- and Jennifer Lopez- dissed Jimmy Iovine for asking Hayley to sing an unknown and yet-to-be recorded Lady Gaga song.  “The Dawg” was right and there [...]

The fallout following the “surprise elimination” of contestant Pia Toscano seems to go unabated with “American Idol” bloggers having a field day. But, honestly, the young lady will be fine and, from what I know to be true, she has already been offered “two-and-a-half” recording deals. In fact, she’s already out there and making a [...]

Is it just me or is there a whole heap of SCREAMING happening on “American Idol” so far this season and with nearly every contestant almost REQUIRED to do “Georgia On My Mind”? I don’t know, but it has all been very nice and polite up till now and I look forward to Jimmy Iovine [...]

“I’m not a jumpy jumpy performer” said the bloke named Jordan Dorsey after his awful jumpy-jumpy version of Usher’s jumpy jumpy hit-”OMG”.  So, my question is, mate, if you’re not a “jumpy jumpy singer”, why make an arse of yourself and do this “jumpy jumpy” song and kinda promises not to do a “jumpy jumpy [...]