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By Hans Ebert It takes a lot to laugh, and a train to cry, and, sometimes, it takes someone or everyone to plant a seed for inspiration to grow. These days, inspiration is in short supply around the world where brother no longer trusts brother, and the world’s power brokers are trying to convert this [...]

By Hans Ebert You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need, and to keep Rock and Roll and the Blues and that renegade lifestyle that we all want and lead vicariously, we’ve always wanted Keef. And today, on his 73rd birthday, we need him more than ever. Why? Because [...]

By Hans Ebert Maybe it was listening to Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited album after all these years, and hearing his stories put to music- “Like A Rolling Stone”, “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” and “Desolation Row”- that had us talking about music’s storytellers, and who’s there today writing songs that touch heart, head and soul. [...]


Posted: 31st July 2014 by We-Enhance in Music
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He turned 71 the other day, and apart from the fact that no one still moves like Jagger onstage except for James Brown and the Grandfather of Soul is dead, what’s amazing is Sir Mick’s hair. While many of his peers have seen their crowning glories fall by the wayside- Phil Collins, Auntie Elton, Sting, [...]

Maybe it’s some instant karma that on Mick Jagger’s birthday, I should mention the most brilliant mash-up of all time named “Rolling Confusion”, which seamlessly brings together the opening riff to the Stones’ “Street Fighting Man” with the Temptations’ “Ball Of Confusion” and then back to the Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”. On Friday, I played DJ [...]

(Source: Guardian) So Sir Mick’s just turned all of Seventy The Stone is seventy years young His face might look like a road map But he’s still up there rocking and reeling Jumping Jack Flash is going Around and around We’ve had sympathy for the devil Even when he painted it all black Marijuana busts [...]