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It’s all about the song and thank gawd for a new generation of singer-songwriters- for some reason, mainly female- like the fantastic Fiona Bevan, 15-year-old Billie Marten, Kaya etc- who write intelligent lyrics with all the right hooks to draw you in and keep you happily imprisoned in their songs. These singer-songwriters also understand the [...]

Despite another episode of Kanyebombing, the Grammy Awards this week made for good television viewing- even if it only would be remembered for a day. Much of the music was very good- the performances of the extraordinary Annie Lennox, John Legend, Mary J Blige and Sam Smith. and the always underrated Jeff Lynne and his [...]

It’s been relentless, it’s been contrived, it’s been way over the top, and yesterday, or today, or, gawd knows when, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian get married in a wedding that has been built up by the American entertainment industry to be something bigger than any other wedding in the history of the world and [...]

What a hue and cry there was by the media including righteous radio stations in America that followed John Lennon’s throwaway line that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus and the apology he was forced to make as the boys still had a long way to go with their music. Compare that episode with [...]

“Even if you’re not doing well, you can at least dress well.” Christian Reith- and what an incredible movie his comeback story would make- one of my favorite jockeys in Sydney- the kind that rides horses- said that and which makes sense to me. (Source: Punters Paradise) But even if when you’re not doing well [...]

Maybe there is a Santa Claus, after all, Virginia. Yes, there are more new Ark Music Factory songs from Rebecca Black threatening to pop out like zits on a humid Tennessee afternoon, but think about some of the really GOOD stuff that has happened:  Chris Brown throws a hissy fit on “Good Morning, America” and [...]

Where the hell did he go wrong? Yeah, I know: Flitting from public lavatory to the park, being set-up, or he himself, being set down, has the habit of walking and driving into the “dark forest” looking for Bambi’ mother, proclaiming  undying and unflinching great love for his partner, Kenny, on “Oprah”, showing off his [...]

It’s almost as if they wish to keep this region under wraps and something for only them to milk and suck dry. A few days ago, the ubiquitous Wyclef Jean, now having given up his efforts to run for the Presidency of Haiti and with, apparently, all that screaming he did about helping the earthquake [...]