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Perhaps it’s karma, perhaps it’s a Lamb Korma, perhaps it’s just la la and wah wah and all about timing to find more about myself because I want to and not to appease others and con everyone in the process, but for the past five successive days, I’ve switched on the telly and on has [...]

Bhaskar Menon’s tribute to Ravi Shankar and Harihar Rao. I was asked by the Music Circle here and Occidental College in Eagle Rock (Obama was an undergraduate there, as many years later was my elder son, Siddhartha!) to be the main speaker at their joint Memorial Service yesterday afternoon, for Ravi Shankar, who passed away [...]

The last Bitchback post of what are usually fobbed off as “lounge singers” versus those who have cred ‘cos they play clubs has been making me think about quite a few things, but mainly how little those doing the hiring for many venues know about music and are still given titles like Director Of Music [...]

We hear a lot about “career development” when it comes to artists, and, these days, apart from Carrie Underwood, there is a laundry list of artists whose careers started with a bang and are now lost, stalled or going backwards- Macy Grey, Tracy Chapman, Corinne Bailey Rae though she a huge personal upheaval to do [...]