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It’s the economics, stupid, and, right now, what is upper-most in the minds of most musicians currently not recording is how, without a recording deal, or a deal without an UN-RECOUPABLE advance, how the hell does one record the music inside of them and have some spare change for its marketing and at least SOME [...]

Roger Faxon has been busy writing and sending emails to the troops again asking everyone to rally round the EMI flag and not to listen to rumours plus dismissing a few even we had never heard about. Seriously though, what do you expect Rog to do when he has the best gig he has ever [...]

Thankfully, there is more to Hong Kong and music than overpaid and “underwhelmingly” mediocre Canto-Pop pap smears who always have the dosh to purchase expensive apartments for their mothers and the those now-tedious DJs blasting away the same monotonous music in equally overpaid and “underwhelmingly” mediocre shee-shee clubs filled with equally underwhelming 5-star poseurs. It’s [...]