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Sometimes you start writing and you have no idea where it will lead and how it will end and which is why words and linking them with thoughts can be a trippy magical mystery tour. It’s like writing a song and not knowing where the next line will come from and how you got there. [...]

All one needs is one home run which is easier said than done especially when some don’t even get to the ballpark, let alone get to bat. How Scooter Braun has got to be where he is today and scored his home run is by tagging an unknown kid named Justin Bieber discovered on YouTube [...]

Since the success of Psy and his viral hit “Gangnam Style”, a number of new wannabe music moguls in, especially, Greater China, have started re-looking at the industry with rose colored glasses, dreaming of making a quick buck with new acts in tow sold on these pipe dreams and pie in the sky thinking. The [...]