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“What’s good is that she doesn’t look like a Filipino. She’s very white. She looks mixed.” This was someone commenting on Jennifer Palor, one of the more in-demand and popular singers in Hong Kong- a proud Filipina who’s lived and worked in Hong Kong for close to twenty years and has paid her dues playing [...]

Know what’s wrong with the music business today? Stupidly naive people trying to make it work and not knowing where to start while networking- more like nutworking- inside the same sheltered, insular bubble where they think they live happily ever after in their la la world, totally oblivious to how this world works which really [...]

What one remembers or chooses to remember as someone croons As Time Goes By in the background are very personal memories and so, reading today’s Review section and a piece on the Beatles concert in Hong Kong and the local “beat boom” made me walk to the nearest wall in my apartment and quietly bang [...]