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I was watching my friend with the unfortunate name of Pido- and the best acoustic guitarist I have seen other than James Taylor and McCartney and come alive when he saw his partner Jed walk in. He was singing the old Goffin-King classic, Up On The Roof, and the love these two share in a [...]

Sometimes, magic happens in music- unplanned magic. It was a very open Friday night and I met my mate Pido and his lady Jed for dinner at WTF in Lower Elgin Street for one of their seafood paellas. (Source: I Food) Pido is one of the best guitarists I have heard anywhere, especially on acoustic [...]

There’s a band playing in Hong Kong that’s not really a band but should be a full-time band and get some semblance of a band scene going out here. Whew! Trying try saying THAT with four boiled eggs in your mouth. (Source: I Food TV) Right now, Hong Kong has about three bands- or duos- [...]

“It has to do with the culture and Hong Kong culture just does not help someone have this International sound.” This was someone trying to explain to me why Wales-based singer-songwriter Ben Semmens, currently performing in Hong Kong, is by far the best damn performer the Hong Kong Jockey Club has booked for its very [...]