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By Hans Ebert You really don’t want to get drawn into the soap opera surrounding the characters involved, but there’s no escaping any of it. None of it has anything to do with music, but social media has sadly made the most stupid of things become news- and in a roundabout instance, this has become [...]

By Hans Ebert There’s no other way to put it: We’re all going to die, some before others. And as we face mortality, we start making changes and finalising plans- the obituary, the funeral, how and where you want to lay your weary head, who you want to be beside you, what you want to [...]

If it wasn’t just so sad, it would be funny, but as this is written, Chris Brown has been released after being held hostage in the Philippines for three days for “unpaid bills”, there’s some kinda bad blood between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry over a song called, well, “Bad Blood”, there is absolutely way [...]

  By now, we should all know that Paris Hilton is “famous” for “being famous”. I was reminded of this when, during dinner, my mate who runs M1NT in Shanghai, got in a biz of a tizz ‘cos NIKKY Hilton would be visiting the Club tomorrow. I had to think: Who IS Nikky Hilton and [...]

Is it something in the water, or is Hong Kong just void of any musical talent- and who is to blame for this lack of, well, anything? I was speaking to my friend  Scottie today, the youngest son of Hong Kong’s Canto-Rock pioneer, Sam Hui, and asked him who are Hong Kong’s up-and-coming pop stars. [...]

Every day, we read about what’s wrong with the music industry- how the majors are finished,  illegal downloads are killing everything, streaming versus downloads, to be Free or not to be Free. Bloggers who have been in the music game for too long name drop about what “Irving” and “Michael” and “Lyor” are doing “right” [...] Laugh all you want, but the Ark Music Factory has made us part of their viral marketing team…and again, just as we all help Mark Zuckerberg get richer every day by working for free to make the Facebook stock rise every day,  we are fanning the flames and spreading the word about the Twitter [...]

THE WE-ENHANCE BLOG ROLL [TISSUE 9] As the lead-up to Season 10 of “American Idol”, one channel in this region is showing Season 9 of the show almost 24 hours a week. Sad to say- probably for me- it makes for compulsive viewing. But then again, I have a compulsive nature. Yes, it was a [...]