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By Hans Ebert In the Rant section of the SCMP’s Sunday Magazine, the writer mentioned being hit in the face last Friday and thrown out of a club by one of those Hong Kong princelings with the powerful big daddy’s surname and money behind them and who are always seen scouring the local club life [...]

Being a celebrity- even a pseudo one- has its rewards. It’s kinda like owning a Platinum Amex Card where flashing it opens doors once shut with there being a “I’m The King Of The World” feeling that anything is possible- and often is- especially if a reality TV, er, “star” when those 15 Minutes Of [...]

It’s been relentless, it’s been contrived, it’s been way over the top, and yesterday, or today, or, gawd knows when, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian get married in a wedding that has been built up by the American entertainment industry to be something bigger than any other wedding in the history of the world and [...]

(Source: Mind’s Power) Okay, with madmen going on shooting sprees, humanunkind fighting against humanunkind, corruption, wars and all manner of life’s priorities gone wrong, so much space is given to Khloe Kardashian- what does this woman actually do???- going into hiding after news of her basketball husband Lamar Odom cheating on her and addiction to [...]

Perhaps we are getting too wrapped up in the thoughts and words and thinking of others and putting ourselves in the same “income bracket”, or happy to live vicariously, or have a false sense of importance and where the term, “a legend in one’s own lifetime” has become more real than ever? Jon Bon Jovi, [...]


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It’s all getting a little weird when Singaporeans are named the second “coolest nationalities in the world”. Of course, though all the facts and figures come from CNN and a writer, no doubt, taken with those notorious Sarong Party Girls aka SPGs, it proves- once again- that you cannot believe everything you read and [...]