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By Hans Ebert @hanseberthk Whether we want to or not, social media has not only entered our lives, in some instances, it’s taken them over with seemingly no end in sight. We’re becoming, or have already become slaves to technology without even knowing it. The music industry, for example, never saw it coming despite file [...]

By Hans Ebert It’s reached a point where it’s not even a case of Them versus Us. It’s finally come around to how to get around legalese that were questionable from the start, but which many were too timid to question, especially at those tribal gatherings of wannabe big swinging dicks who would waltz in [...]

The real problem with the music industry is too many people involved who know nothing about music nor what it took and what it takes to make up this industry. And “freedom of speech” and the “space” the internet has provided is to blame. Too much “free speech” attracts the nutters. Hear me out: Music [...]