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By Hans Ebert Here’s the problem: I really don’t have time for nor do I like many people these days. Blame social media for this. Like what happens when suffering from too much of anything, everyday we’re inundated with information overload. Of course, it’s a personal call whether to stay or to go, but even [...]

It’s the economics, stupid, and, right now, what is upper-most in the minds of most musicians currently not recording is how, without a recording deal, or a deal without an UN-RECOUPABLE advance, how the hell does one record the music inside of them and have some spare change for its marketing and at least SOME [...]

“A Regional Office of such a scale is not sustainable under current market conditions”. And so said one of my ex-colleagues about the latest round of re-structuring going on and has already happened at Sony Music in Asia. Frankly, there has been so much “restructuring” and so many “new business models” coming and going and [...]

Here’s the deal: Why can’t any act- band, trio, duo, solo artist, barbershop trio- ever make it outta Asia as a bona fide act- singing in English? Okay, okay, having worked for two majors and still involved with one, I know the importance of “numbers” and understand the mantra that “International doesn’t sell”. “Local” sells, [...]