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By Hans Ebert Whoever are in these offices have worked in this lazy, meandering way for decades. They’re like hamsters going around and around that little treadmill before its time to retire, and leave with a nice golden handshake for having survived by keeping their heads down and not rocking the boat. This breed of [...]

Listening to a new recording by uber producer Emile Haynie featuring Andrew Wyatt and Brian Wilson, two things came to mind: How everything old is new again, that Brian Wilson is somewhere on the multi-tracked vocals of the track and how the Beach Boy is, suddenly, the musical plat de jour what with that star-studded [...]

It’s not curiouser and curiouser, Alice, but confusinger and confusinger. It’s like hearing some new (?) Bon Jovi track- the perils of being unable to sleep without the television turned to a crap channel- which sounds like every old Bon Jovi track when they all sound like “Wanted Dead Or Alive”, anyway- forgettable, formulaic, lazy [...]

A friend of mine recently resigned from a major music company- nothing really earth-shatteringly surprising as those days when working for one of the majors or an indie or a minor or even a mynah bird was considered a passport to “coolness”. Yes, people, once upon a CD, working for a music company was a [...]

Maybe it’s some instant karma that on Mick Jagger’s birthday, I should mention the most brilliant mash-up of all time named “Rolling Confusion”, which seamlessly brings together the opening riff to the Stones’ “Street Fighting Man” with the Temptations’ “Ball Of Confusion” and then back to the Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”. On Friday, I played DJ [...]

(Source: Old Computers) Everyone can offer advice on how to do something better after something has been done which means there are the doers and there are the pundits, mostly, self-proclaimed self-help gurus who need more help than most. (Source: Toon Pool) In music, of course, everyone and their dog Nipper has advice on how [...]