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By Hans Ebert Back in the day- and these days, more and more of us are going back to those days because, well, it was where everything that actually meant anything, especially music- Rock fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on the latest issue of Rolling Stone. There was Crawdaddy, Creem and the Village [...]

By Hans Ebert While Hong Kong’s so-called English “music scene” meanders along with the usual suspects “jizzing” away imagining that they’re jazz artistes- and gullible audiences buying into this vapid shell game- and the cover bands circuit tries to channel everyone from Axl Rose and Adele with no thought of originality, an artist like Yuna [...]

Just as many of us picked up guitars and decided to form bands with some being more successful than others in different areas of music, so it was with advertising. Some of us simply fell into it. Did we have a Masters in Marketing or Communications? No, but we had a passion for words, and [...]

A friend of mine recently resigned from a major music company- nothing really earth-shatteringly surprising as those days when working for one of the majors or an indie or a minor or even a mynah bird was considered a passport to “coolness”. Yes, people, once upon a CD, working for a music company was a [...]

Sure, Hong Kong production houses have made some real stinkers over the years when it comes to creating and producing television projects and series, but not with regularity of those in Singapore. There exists a consistency in mediocrity. (Source: Stump Teacher) When one knows the budgets that, for example, Singapore-based Freemantle Studios, forks out to [...]

I’m not a huge fan of her name, but I am a fan of Hong Kong singer G.E.M. who sounds like a Chinese version of Jewel. Hey, but what’s in a name? Somewhat of a new artist, Gloria Tang- her real name- has got tongues wagging by deciding not to attend Commercial Radio’s Ultimate Song [...]

Let’s get a few things straight: As Hong Kong music fans and longtime supporters’ of an industry gone awry, we have always seen and heard Jeff Caylor as a multi-media artist. This song of his- and the video he created- should have been a MASSIVE hit. Come on Channel [V] and MTV Asia, how could [...]

Who out there remembers when Bill Roedy and the rest of those cowboys at MTV rode into town and wanted to be a Pan-Asian music channel? They hadn’t done their homework and there was one quote from the head of Channel [V] at the time- Don what’s-his-name- which sticks in mind: “The only thing Bill [...]

TIME magazine recently wrote about “Five Bands To Watch” and who all happened to be from Asia.,9171,2043327-2,00.html As an Asian and despite the German-sounding name,  I was chuffed: Wow, bands from Asia have come a long way, baby. And then, just as quickly as the pride had ballooned, it was pricked: This was the [...]