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By Hans Ebert @hanseberthk My pint-sized favourite Smurfette Rock Chick friend and singer Kat has written a blog about music and the different vibrations it gives off and how it even had an effect on deaf and blind author, lecturer, political activist and everything in between that was the remarkable and inspirational Helen Keller. Share [...]

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There’s a kind of hush and mush and beatz and paddling upstream all the time with Tidal, Spotify, and now Apple, but nowhere are their the Rock Guitar Gods who once strode across the world with the brontosaurus stomp of their They Ain’t Heavy They’re Our Brothers Bands with names like Led Zeppelin, Vanilla Fudge, [...]


Posted: 31st July 2014 by We-Enhance in Music
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He turned 71 the other day, and apart from the fact that no one still moves like Jagger onstage except for James Brown and the Grandfather of Soul is dead, what’s amazing is Sir Mick’s hair. While many of his peers have seen their crowning glories fall by the wayside- Phil Collins, Auntie Elton, Sting, [...]

Maybe it’s some instant karma that on Mick Jagger’s birthday, I should mention the most brilliant mash-up of all time named “Rolling Confusion”, which seamlessly brings together the opening riff to the Stones’ “Street Fighting Man” with the Temptations’ “Ball Of Confusion” and then back to the Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”. On Friday, I played DJ [...]

(Source: Guardian) So Sir Mick’s just turned all of Seventy The Stone is seventy years young His face might look like a road map But he’s still up there rocking and reeling Jumping Jack Flash is going Around and around We’ve had sympathy for the devil Even when he painted it all black Marijuana busts [...]

For a minute there, I thought Lady Soul had been taken away from us and the producers had hurriedly gathered together a disparate and desperate group of “sistahs” to pay homage t her. They all looked bloody nervous or sad or terrified as the Tribute to Aretha Franklin trudged along. Why Annie Lennox was not [...]