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Who out there remembers when Bill Roedy and the rest of those cowboys at MTV rode into town and wanted to be a Pan-Asian music channel? They hadn’t done their homework and there was one quote from the head of Channel [V] at the time- Don what’s-his-name- which sticks in mind: “The only thing Bill [...]

When a Hong Kong-based Rap artist jumps on the Charlie Sheen bandwagon- wait, the Cracked Charlie train wreck, or the Sheen Express- one has to think if this is blatant opportunism, or meant to be genuinely funny. I’ll take a crack at the former. Rapper MC Jin was originally signed to Virgin America after winning [...]

Hamish McKenzie in the Sunday Morning Post lamented over the weekend how no Hong Kong acts/bands had been invited to perform at the South By Southwest [SXSW] conference in Austin, Texas. Of course, there is a fee attached to perform at this music conference to beat all other music conference- around US$10,000- and, honestly, if [...]

Originality, where are art thou? Maybe, Round One goes to Singapore though, as far as this topic is concerned, “originality” can be misconstrued as being slightly desperate. Let’s back-track for a minute all the way to this past Christmas when there was much ado about “sumpin’” and when Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Donald “The Beijing [...]

You really know Hong Kong- and its tenuous “music scene”- is down the crapper when the city’s Chief Executive- Donald “Bo Bo Bowtie” Tsang- films a Christmas Greeting- or something like that- with Chinese-American rapper MC Jin. Sorry, MC, but those jingle bell musical politics makes me cringe and is far more offensive than anything [...]

First of all watch this video- really listen to what my mate Paul Kim says about racism in music and then read on: It’s strange to think that Far East Movement, the Asian-American hip-hop group that has a number one hit in the States with “Like A G6″ was shopping around for a record deal [...]