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THE WE-ENHANCE BLOG ROLL [TISSUE 7] There has been a huge publicity campaign around the great financial success of Simon Cowell and the Financial Times upping the ante of his worth in its latest issue. Things might be getting too close to the truth so the Max Clifford Damage Control Squad are at work, or, [...]

  If I were Simon Cowell, I’d be going to see a good fung shui man, having my head shaved bald to “shed” the bad luck and finding out from him where to move my furniture around so good luck starts to come my way. Almost overnight, there has been a sustained backlash on “X [...]

Simon Cowell is a very rich and powerful man. Wait: Rich, yes, “powerful”, hmmmm, depends on how this word is interpreted and defined- and where. Yes, he is “Judge Nasty” and, yes, he can take mediocre talent and give it some invaluable platforms to strut their stuff like those horrible four greasy spoons named Il [...]