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I finally watched an entire episode of the reality series that is The Apprentice Asia which, actually is, The Singapore Apprentice. It was an embarrassment of losers and the mind boggles as to who green lit this utter waste of time. (Source: Atieyus Of Family) In the role of The Donald and the brilliant Sir [...]

Firstly, I shouldn’t, but I find the news of Wyclef Jean being shot in the hand in Haiti to be pretty funny. Let’s not forget that he assembled the troops in Hollywood to re-work “We Are The World” to “help” the earthquake victims in his home country and, a few months later, ran for the [...]

When down with the flu, one tends to almost hallucinate and just lie in bed and watch Dumb TV. And it really is getting dumber and dumber. “American Idol” was followed out here by a series called “True Beauty” and where some hunks and chunks and “babes” and bimbo gather in- where else?- a mansion [...]