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Greater China is full of movers and shakers and with many shaking but not going anywhere. There are, of course, more WANNA movers and shakers but these are mostly delusionary characters and legends in their own lunchtime who talk the talk but cannot walk the walk along a straight line. They zig-zag all over the [...]

Okay, try and follow me here. Remember the piece about Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child being bigger than Beyonce in China? It’s quite extraordinary how many people have written in to ask [A] Who is Kelly Rowland and [B] Why isn’t the other of Destiny’s Children cashing in on the brush with fame with Beyonce? [...]

Maybe it’s the surname, but despite all the fawning for moppets on “Oprah” and “Ellen” and the kinda creepy shadow of Producer David Foster hanging over many them, Nikki Yanofsky from Montreal is still to become a household name. Then again, is that the right term- “houseman name”? So is Drain-O and Colgate and McDonald’s. [...]