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When Annie Lennox speaks, many of us listen and that’s because she doesn’t prattle on, she doesn’t preach and what she says comes straight from the heart and is always something that needs to be said. Last week, Annie Lennox took on this current plague where certain labels have devalued music and created a pimp [...]

It take a lot for me to “get tired of music”, something in my DNA. But either, I have “grown tired of music” or, more to the point, grown even more tired of those talking about music as a “deal”. For the past few days, I have just not bothered to write. Call it lethargy [...]

The news that Doug Morris has joined Sony Music is headline news- at least music industry headline news. The news that his move to Sony has been delayed is also in the industry news. Frankly, I couldn’t give a shit about Doug Morris joining Sony.Sure, age is a frame of mind, and the 72-year-old [...]

Here’s hoping that he keeps his powder dry and nose clean as the music world needs Bruno Mars. With “Just The Way You Are”, he has made songs with a strong melody and lyrics stage a comeback. If there are only a handful of notes available to create songs and IF all the good songs [...]

  If the music industry is to start up again with a clean slate, here’s hoping that more women step up to the plate and take over the sunken ship. I have no idea why but, for the most part, women have always played a secondary and almost subservient role in music companies. Quick, think [...]

Here’s the deal: Why can’t any act- band, trio, duo, solo artist, barbershop trio- ever make it outta Asia as a bona fide act- singing in English? Okay, okay, having worked for two majors and still involved with one, I know the importance of “numbers” and understand the mantra that “International doesn’t sell”. “Local” sells, [...]

The news that Jay-Z sees him having a shot at the American Presidency, possibly eight years from now, and with wife Beyonce as First Lady, shows how and why the Rapper-Entrepreneur-Entertainment mogul is The Most Powerful Man in The American Music Industry. And, by far. Quite frankly with the amazing record he made with the [...]