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By Hans Ebert Having been born in what was then Ceylon- a rabid cricketing nation now known as Sri Lanka- played school cricket while looking up to two elder cousins playing cricket for various clubs in Hong Kong, one captaining Hong Kong, and growing up around the sport, cricket has not only played a role [...]

(source: JRJ) Over the years much has been written about Richard Li, the youngest son of Li Ka-shing, the richest man in Hong Kong and one of the richest men in the world. The successes and failures have been pretty well documented- successes like taking that wok in the sky and eventually calling it STARTV [...] Laugh all you want, but the Ark Music Factory has made us part of their viral marketing team…and again, just as we all help Mark Zuckerberg get richer every day by working for free to make the Facebook stock rise every day,  we are fanning the flames and spreading the word about the Twitter [...]

Quiet revolutions used to work as did the old saying about, “Evolution. Not Revolution”. The songs of Dylan, Lennon, before them, Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, and later, Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, Neil Young, Stephen Still, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and way too many others to name, were all part of this Quiet Revolution and [...]

Forget social networking. Just plain networking has reached almost epidemic and “nutworking” proportions and with everyone having “an angle” and everyone wanting people to know who they know thinking this will be open the floodgates to more “nutworking” and coming at everyone from different angles. The problem with “nutworking” is that it’s closely associated with [...]

TIME magazine recently wrote about “Five Bands To Watch” and who all happened to be from Asia.,9171,2043327-2,00.html As an Asian and despite the German-sounding name,  I was chuffed: Wow, bands from Asia have come a long way, baby. And then, just as quickly as the pride had ballooned, it was pricked: This was the [...]

Sure, the headline is stupid. Maybe half-stupid, but it made me think when reading this story and how obscenely rich this “retail space” has become. Good grief, what a stupid headline when we are talking about Facebook- the new bible, the new koran, the place people go to every minute of the day in [...]

When even Superman is powerless in the battle for creativity in Hong Kong, things look like they are heading down the crapper faster than chugging down a flask of kryptonite. Li Ka-shing’s, Hong Kong’s “Superman”, and his noble effort to showcase local creativity and also to do some good under his “Love Hong Kong Your [...]