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By Hans Ebert If every industry used the power of music to attract consumers, there just might be more honesty in the world that will make this a happier place- or, at least, more of a thinking person’s world, and not the vapid moment in time it can often be when one sings, “What’s it [...]

All too often, one must ruthlessly and completely delete the past in order to move forward, whereas, especially in movies and music, there is often inspiration to be had by going back and delving into the past- the roots- and seeing how “back in the day” gave birth to Here In The Now. Today, I [...]

Every day, we read about what’s wrong with the music industry- how the majors are finished,  illegal downloads are killing everything, streaming versus downloads, to be Free or not to be Free. Bloggers who have been in the music game for too long name drop about what “Irving” and “Michael” and “Lyor” are doing “right” [...]