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Singer-songwriter Cindy Gomez did a gig last night at the Hong Kong Jockey Club for the Audemars Piguet Gala Dinner. Yes, very posh and also very profitable for her and her backing band led by my mate Blaine Whittaker. Okay, so, if I didn’t know better and was not involved in this gig, I’d be [...]

Okay, try and follow me here. Remember the piece about Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child being bigger than Beyonce in China? It’s quite extraordinary how many people have written in to ask [A] Who is Kelly Rowland and [B] Why isn’t the other of Destiny’s Children cashing in on the brush with fame with Beyonce? [...]

There’s something strange, in the neighbourhood. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? Nah. Kelly Rowland. Kelly Rowland???? Well, something like that. If a brand/sponsor wants an International artist today for a private function or one of those “East/West” type shows/concerts in Asia- especially Greater China- odds are that they will ask for Sean Kingston, perhaps Akon, [...]

It’s almost as if they wish to keep this region under wraps and something for only them to milk and suck dry. A few days ago, the ubiquitous Wyclef Jean, now having given up his efforts to run for the Presidency of Haiti and with, apparently, all that screaming he did about helping the earthquake [...]