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By Hans Ebert @hanseberthk Just as there’s a very thin line between cool and uncool, so there is between hip and unhip. For example, seeing unknown musicians wear shades indoors has always made me cringe. If they’re blind, that’s one thing. If Bob Dylan, definitely. But wearing shades, even if one is very average Hong [...]

By Hans Ebert While Hong Kong’s so-called English “music scene” meanders along with the usual suspects “jizzing” away imagining that they’re jazz artistes- and gullible audiences buying into this vapid shell game- and the cover bands circuit tries to channel everyone from Axl Rose and Adele with no thought of originality, an artist like Yuna [...]

One can have music conferences until the sacred cows come home, but what none of these tribal gatherings do is to teach people how to be creative and original. If anything, all they do is create more copycat custards and with these blobs moving together towards the same goals with the same herd mentality made [...]

Who out there remembers when Bill Roedy and the rest of those cowboys at MTV rode into town and wanted to be a Pan-Asian music channel? They hadn’t done their homework and there was one quote from the head of Channel [V] at the time- Don what’s-his-name- which sticks in mind: “The only thing Bill [...]

It all depends on one’s interpretation of the word “Jazz”. And if we are to deal in labels to define music, then Korea is more than 24-member boy and girl K-Pop groups born in “grooming schools” and picked and chosen for their looks and then unleashed like just so many McKim Chee Burgers which are [...]   The above news that the South Korean government has injected US$91m to bolster the country’s music industry and “globalise” it is cause for pause. Firstly, has any other government anywhere given their country’s music industry a bailout of this magnitude? Where is the ROI- Return On Investment- and which is expected to be [...]