Dude, l’il bro, dudette, and as my long-distance homie, I must implore and implode you to get some help- ‘cos all this trash talk about you is affecting ME. Bieb- can I call you the Biebster?- I got into a fracas on New Year’s Eve, bro ‘cos someone called you The Boob. I said, listen [...]

The same day I heard that the Stones will be playing Macau early next year, I decided to watch MTV for the first time in around three years and was mortified to catch the latest video from Justin Bieber. This is where the lost man-child of pop who, today, finds himself in those difficult in-between [...]

The news that ABC is producing a television special about the life of Justin Bieber before he became famous had me pulling up the retch bin. What will they show? The life story of his Mum, who, by the way has a book to promote,and how she uploaded his videos onto YouTube followed by all [...]

Something is just not right. It’s not adding up. Never has. Watching the 7-minutes allocated to Justin Bieber, Usher and and the already over-hyped Jaden Smith(Willow Smith is waiting in the wings for her close-up, Mr. DeMille) at the Grammys, what was interesting was the time spent to take pains to point out “the roots” [...]