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I am so confused. Here I am at Peel Fresco on a Wednesday night and it’s Canto Pop night and I am sure it’s fun for the packed audience of what is, essentially, a karaoke crowd, but I just don’t get it. Or maybe I know it too damn well. But from the jazz of [...]

Genevieve Martiennete, more popularly known as Gigi, is kinda the Grande Dame of all those singers who are slotted into the “Jazz” box and from where they do the usual hotel gigs, the one-off private functions and then do their own thing at venues like Backstage, Joyce Is Not Here and Peel Fresco. (Source: Open [...]

Sometimes, magic happens in music- unplanned magic. It was a very open Friday night and I met my mate Pido and his lady Jed for dinner at WTF in Lower Elgin Street for one of their seafood paellas. (Source: I Food) Pido is one of the best guitarists I have heard anywhere, especially on acoustic [...]

By Hans Ebert (Source: Doug-Hohnson Squares Space) For the last few months, the rumblings have got louder about the paucity of musical talent in Hong Kong, how it’s the same old names playing musical chairs in Hong Kong and how just boring this has become. At least change the deck chairs. It’s all become formulaic [...]

By Hans Ebert I was listening to the debut record by Hong Kong-based duo The Weathering last week made up of Jeff and Leora Caylor, one of the more inventive musical attempts to come outta this city and which made me think about a few things. Mainly, I was wondering why, in a city that [...]

By Hans Ebert I went to Joyce Is Not Here last week to listen to UK-based Brazilian artist Heidi Vogel. Now, HERE is a singer! People in Hong Kong rabbit on about being “jazz singers.” They are not. They are JISM singers- pretentious, singers full of so many cliches and grandstanding that they become high [...]