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DAVE STEWART LAUNCHING ‘THE VOICE FOR SONGWRITERS’ AS HE SIGNS TO BMG Some read the news above about Dave Stewart and tweeted that The Hardest Working Man In Showbiz was back. But he’s never left the building with Elvis, or given up keeping on. Possibly the only thing he hasn’t done is collaborate with Kanye [...]

We hear a lot about “career development” when it comes to artists, and, these days, apart from Carrie Underwood, there is a laundry list of artists whose careers started with a bang and are now lost, stalled or going backwards- Macy Grey, Tracy Chapman, Corinne Bailey Rae though she a huge personal upheaval to do [...]

In a world made up largely of the bland and the bloated, the hyped and the manufactured, comes along  Clare Maguire. Not only can she sing, this song by her says so much- depending on where one is as far as affairs of the heart are concerned. Final Dance, Last Supper, Closure, STOP signs-  same [...]