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Once it was called promotions and then when marketing and promotions came together it became a bit blurred before hype took over and, today, hype has runaway with most things to do with entertainment.  On Easter Sunday, the Sunday Post in Hong Kong ran a wire services story on Blush, yes, the same “World’s First [...]

On the entertainment news this week was the announcement that Fish Leong would, one day, like to have her own restaurant. Sweet. And sour. And tasty. The rather strangely named Fish Leong- though not as strange as two local McDonald’s staffers named Hitler Yu and Milky Wei and Canto-pop crooner HACKEN Lee- is one of [...]

Is it something in the water, or is Hong Kong just void of any musical talent- and who is to blame for this lack of, well, anything? I was speaking to my friend  Scottie today, the youngest son of Hong Kong’s Canto-Rock pioneer, Sam Hui, and asked him who are Hong Kong’s up-and-coming pop stars. [...]

Apart from Sarah Palin saying that “we must stand by our North Korean allies”, it’s spookily quiet out there. Is everyone trying to “re-group” or is everyone lost as what to do next? Even bringing out this blog roll, once so “fertile” with things to say, has been extremely dry. Our response to nearly everything [...]