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Bitchback, The two most important song facts are: “Have A Nice Day” was a branded Samsung commercial by Deutch/LA advertising agency. “I Love This Town” was a branded soundtrack…yet worse, BJ worked with to help them commit criminal wilful copyright infringement. Both released and sold by!!! See attachment… FSG was attempting to [...]

Perhaps we are getting too wrapped up in the thoughts and words and thinking of others and putting ourselves in the same “income bracket”, or happy to live vicariously, or have a false sense of importance and where the term, “a legend in one’s own lifetime” has become more real than ever? Jon Bon Jovi, [...]

  Simon Fuller is one of the smartest people I know in the entertainment world and his has been a strange and weird trip from being a junior A&R guy at EMI who produced “19″ for Paul Hardcastle- a very cheesy slice of Eighties’ synth pop and with those girls singing in the background adding [...] I read the above and thought, huh, what on earth is Jon Bon Jovi going ON about? Steve Jobs didn’t “PERSONALLY kill” the music business. The music business killed itself. Remember, “Video Killed The Radio Star” by the Bugles? In the piece above, the main Bon in Jovi talks about the joys of getting [...]