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Sometimes you start writing and you have no idea where it will lead and how it will end and which is why words and linking them with thoughts can be a trippy magical mystery tour. It’s like writing a song and not knowing where the next line will come from and how you got there. [...]

Greater China is full of movers and shakers and with many shaking but not going anywhere. There are, of course, more WANNA movers and shakers but these are mostly delusionary characters and legends in their own lunchtime who talk the talk but cannot walk the walk along a straight line. They zig-zag all over the [...]

It’s almost as if they wish to keep this region under wraps and something for only them to milk and suck dry. A few days ago, the ubiquitous Wyclef Jean, now having given up his efforts to run for the Presidency of Haiti and with, apparently, all that screaming he did about helping the earthquake [...]