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By Hans Ebert I was listening to the debut record by Hong Kong-based duo The Weathering last week made up of Jeff and Leora Caylor, one of the more inventive musical attempts to come outta this city and which made me think about a few things. Mainly, I was wondering why, in a city that [...]

Let’s get a few things straight: As Hong Kong music fans and longtime supporters’ of an industry gone awry, we have always seen and heard Jeff Caylor as a multi-media artist. This song of his- and the video he created- should have been a MASSIVE hit. Come on Channel [V] and MTV Asia, how could [...]

A few days ago I sent a demo of song by an unsigned artist to a few friends. Yes, I still have some. It was and is a great cover and on which he completely turns the original version of the song on its head. Wish you could hear it, but if I did, I’d [...]

Thankfully, there is more to Hong Kong and music than overpaid and “underwhelmingly” mediocre Canto-Pop pap smears who always have the dosh to purchase expensive apartments for their mothers and the those now-tedious DJs blasting away the same monotonous music in equally overpaid and “underwhelmingly” mediocre shee-shee clubs filled with equally underwhelming 5-star poseurs. It’s [...]