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By Hans Ebert It’s just not happening, is it? The more you leave Hong Kong and the more you get out there and meet and listen to bands and artists in places like Scandinavia, Melbourne, even in Singapore, one realises just what a music wasteland there is here- a so-called “scene” comprising the usual suspects [...]

By Hans Ebert Many want to put the house in order- and put Humpty Dumpty back together again- but, gawd knows, it’s not easy when there’s such a lack of genuine musical talent, creativity and originality around. It’s enough to make a grown man cry into his bowl of wonton noodles. That’s not being cruel, [...]

They might think they’re playing “jazz” when in actuality, they’re simply retreading well-known standards, yet, for reasons unknown to me, there is this overriding need to be seen as being “jazz cats”, the same old group of usual suspects in Hong Kong who move in herds and “blow” at the usual places- Backstage, Peel Fresco [...]

There is Jazz and there is Jizz, and most of the Hong Kong-based “jazz singers” are actually singing jizz- an often embarrassing concoction of self-indulgence comprising very scattered scatting, mimicry that’s cartoon-like, and material that’s so well-trodden, it’s full of career potholes. And yet, so many keep walking into them like lemmings. It’s why the [...]


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(Source: IMP Awards) If one can truly “understand” Jazz, something’s just not right. If, musically, the next note or the next solo or the next break can be predicted, that’s not Jazz. That’s just formulaic shuck and jive like hotel lounge singers trying to sing “soul”. It’s fake musical goods. (Source: Emtalkery) At least to [...]