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By Hans Ebert There’s a track out called “7 Years” by Danish band Lukas Graham that’s been on Repeat at home and in my head for the past few weeks. That’s scary because the track is almost a year old and makes me concerned that I’m letting too much clutter into my life and not [...]

They might think they’re playing “jazz” when in actuality, they’re simply retreading well-known standards, yet, for reasons unknown to me, there is this overriding need to be seen as being “jazz cats”, the same old group of usual suspects in Hong Kong who move in herds and “blow” at the usual places- Backstage, Peel Fresco [...]

What a strange and fascinating trip it has been for the steel drum to be accepted as a musical instrument and for its players to be accepted by the country of its origin. (Source: Class Actp) Watching the fascinating video below, It’s been a long, dark, dank and dangerous music like a Beastie Boys anthem [...]