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It’s not curiouser and curiouser, Alice, but confusinger and confusinger. It’s like hearing some new (?) Bon Jovi track- the perils of being unable to sleep without the television turned to a crap channel- which sounds like every old Bon Jovi track when they all sound like “Wanted Dead Or Alive”, anyway- forgettable, formulaic, lazy [...]

In no particular order of importance, what has been going through my head is [A] why so many contestants from this season’s “American Idol” are singing in keys that are way too high for them? It reminds me of being in a band rehearsing “Bend Me Shape Me” by Amen Corner in the original key [...]

We read the news today and yawned: WSJ Reports Tomorrow’s iTunes Event Is Beatlemania. Really? Says who? Hype is one thing. Beatles and hype is another and every time some morsel of anything to do with the Beatles comes out, it is “Beatlemania”. Cirque Du Soleil’s “LOVE” was “Beatlemania”. “The Beatles Remastered” was “Beatlemania” [...]