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The news that Doug Morris has joined Sony Music is headline news- at least music industry headline news. The news that his move to Sony has been delayed is also in the industry news. Frankly, I couldn’t give a shit about Doug Morris joining Sony.Sure, age is a frame of mind, and the 72-year-old [...]

Here’s hoping that he keeps his powder dry and nose clean as the music world needs Bruno Mars. With “Just The Way You Are”, he has made songs with a strong melody and lyrics stage a comeback. If there are only a handful of notes available to create songs and IF all the good songs [...]

  If the music industry is to start up again with a clean slate, here’s hoping that more women step up to the plate and take over the sunken ship. I have no idea why but, for the most part, women have always played a secondary and almost subservient role in music companies. Quick, think [...]