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On Sunday in New York, hundreds of thousands of people led by celebrities fighting for the future of an ailing Mother Earth turned up for Climate Change. It was a huge event. Was it covered by any of the major television stations? No. On Monday in Hong Kong, thousands of university students boycotted classes to [...]

It’s a little strange to think that after all this time, Hong Kong doesn’t have a song it can call its own. Apart from the comical chop suey of a song made famous in the Sixties called “Kowloon Hong Kong” by a female group from the Philippines named The Reynettes, there have only been songs [...]

Monkey-see, monkey-do. It’s what most of Hong Kong is afflicted with and if, somehow, someone, somewhere, either in Hong Kong or The Pied Piper of Hamlyn doesn’t find a way to shower this place with inspiration that will make originality live again, this city will be known as The City Of Lemmings. Forget the buffet [...]

Of course, most of Hong Kong have already found the global melting pot that is Happy Wednesday at Happy Valley Racecourse. For just ten bucks to get in, it’s the most fun one can have with their clothes on and which is all about people meeting and inter-acting with people amidst different venues, ‘live’ music [...]

When even Superman is powerless in the battle for creativity in Hong Kong, things look like they are heading down the crapper faster than chugging down a flask of kryptonite. Li Ka-shing’s, Hong Kong’s “Superman”, and his noble effort to showcase local creativity and also to do some good under his “Love Hong Kong Your [...]